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personalize confirmation email (include a personal note to the new fan)




  • Marian

    I really require this feature, actually, and I would like it to have the plain text option while creating the message as well as HTML so that my first message to them doesn't bounce!

  • Lacy James

    For now I'm not using the auto confirmation email, except I guess maybe It's going to people who sign themselves up, but there's no way to test it or check it so I really don't know. Meanwhile if I manually add someone to my list, for now I am just choosing "do not send confirmation email/fan has already confirmed" and then I write a personalized email and send it just to that one fan. It's a workaround and now that I have been sending it I can just reuse it. Still would be nice if we had more flexibility with the auto emails/more ability to test/check them/send ourselves a sample.

  • ga.maggiulli

    I have not understood what i have to do to play bridge om fanbridge, please tell me what i have to do thank you


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