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Track Street Team Activity/Loyalty with Points


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  • Brianna

    Hey Lauren,

    This is a great suggestion. Thanks so much for sharing, and also for the kind words about FanBridge! Until a feature like this exists, there are a couple tricks you can use to at least expand the way you track and reward fans. They aren't exactly what you're looking for, but you might find these ideas helpful...or at least fun!

    1) Grouping fans by clicks

    So you have a link that you want Super Fans to visit, or something you need them to download. Use your analytics to see who is clicking on this link. You can move all of these fans into their own group just by clicking the number of clicks and using the dropdown menu. 

    2) Telling fans to share a campaign

    This is also a trackable action in your analytics. Give directions to Super Fans that they need to forward your campaign to friends to get a reward. This information is found along the icons in your click summary.

    3) Like on Facebook

    Add a Like button to your campaign and track those shares, too. When fans Like a campaign, they also share the info with all of their Facebook fans through the newsfeed. 


    Hope these ideas help you get more out of your FanBridge account!




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