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New email templates!



  • L Shrader, Mgr

    I manage a band and send out monthly Newsletters, as well as occasional special notices. I love the look of the new email templates, and was so excited to use Headliner because I love the sidebar  feature that says "In This Issue" with a list of sections or articles. But when I choose the template- I only see how to add one main story. I'm so disappointed. Why would it be pictured (see attached screenshot) if we can't really use it? Unless I'm missing something... Please advise ASAP! Thanks Linda

  • FanBridge Team


    At the moment, we only offer one story per template as you'll notice the current previews match what the templates can actually look like.  However, we are planning on allowing for multiple sections in a campaign where the "In This Issue" would be a feature of the template.

  • Rouge Royale

    Unless I am missing something, it seems that there has been some form of bait and switch tactic that has occurred here. When we signed up for your service in July we purchased the use of templates that were available after extensive research of your site and your competitors. After purchasing your service, we started branding our 3rd and 4th quarter marketing campaigns with your template which was originally available to us. Upon logging in today, with the intention to send out our next newsletter in the same format as before, we have come to find out that:

    if we wish to continue to use the campaign which we have already begun branding with we will now need to upgrade our account and pay more for a service that we already purchased initially.

    IF this is in fact an error in our understanding of your services please let us know. Otherwise, this new required upgrade to use a service that we already purchased is extremeley unprofessional and from our point of view, unethical.

    Looking forward to your prompt assistance.

  • Brianna

    If the feature was available to you previously, then it should still be available - nothing has changed regarding requiring upgrades. Someone is reaching out via the email address we have on file for your account so we can maintain the privacy of any account information we'll need to share.

  • Brian Dolzani

    Hi, I'm currently using the minimize template and noticing that the Forward and Unsubscribe image place-holders don't link, and I can't seem to delete them. Please advise. Thanks. 


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